Testimonial--Tomato Lycopene

1. Mr. Cui from Brea, CA (witness tel 909-967-67XX) suffered frequent nocturia, had to go to restroom 5-6 times per night. Even during the daytime, frequent micturition, urgency, burning and weakness after peeing bothered him a lot. At first, his family doctor said it was a urinary infection, then diagnosed as prostate inflammation. Those anti-infection medications made his stomachache worse. Finally, his urologist confirmed his PSA value (Prostatic Specific Antigen) is ok, and the problem was caused by inflammation on prostate. After took Flomax 0.4 Mg/day, his nocturia reduced to 1-2 times per night. He also took and from Best in Nature as daily dietary supplement. As a result, nocturia was gone. Other symptoms like frequent micturition, urgency, burning sensation and weakness after pee were significantly eased. His urologist said Flomax combine with and can be very effective to control prostate enlargement and inflammation. Mr. Cui said he will take and for two months every year to make sure his prostate in good condition.

2. My father got prostate cancer a few years ago. Last year, doctors found that he had lung cancer. Fortunately, we had time for surgeries. But the surgeries made him physically weak and he couldn’t always handle chemotherapy. We use Tomato Lycopene as a supporting natural diet, and the effect is great. Not only did he avoid recurring lung cancer, but his body has also functionally recovered (Mr. Li, Beijing, China, 011-86-10883875xx)